Sector W1 & W2 Plot Adjustment to Sectors X & Y

  • 2 years ago
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May 2021 broke another good news for the allottees of W1 & W2 sector as DHA Multan has always been proactive in devising friendly policies for its stakeholders. DHA Multan Management has taken several bold initiatives and massive development work in various sectors to secure and boost the investment of our valued members.

20th May, 2021 would be the groundbreaking day as W1 and W2 sectors plot adjustment balloting will be carried out on this particular day, hence DHA Multan securing the interest of its stakeholders.

Right after the holidays of EID, balloting will be carried out to adjust the W1 and W2 sector plots in the X and Y sectors. It’s pertinent to mention that Pakistan square has been announced at the junction of 5 sectors Q, T, U, X and Y sector which will open new horizons for investment.

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